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About Katina

Katina holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Chicago State University.  She also graduated from The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy.  She is a five year, medically trained Navy Veteran.

Katina is a licensed massage therapist. She has close to ten years of experience in therapeutic massage including deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage.  She has been in the medical profession for over nineteen years serving either as a medical assistant, masssage therapist, or clincial medical support medical hypnotherapist.

Katina believes that the body has the ability to heal itself though touch.  This can be accomplished by connecting to the life's force through mediation, and relaxation.  Hot stones, aroma therapy, and soothing sounds can be used to help facilitate the transition to a relaxed state of being

Katina is also a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist. She attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in the summer of 2013. With this training Katina is now able to coach her clients in achieving their personal goals. Hynpotherapy is a way for clients to get in touch with their emotions which may hender them in achieving a goal because they may have given an event a story that is not true in reality. Once these emotions are addressed clients can now focus on celebrating thier true self. This inturn helps clients to create new behaviors that can bring about a new desired outcome.   

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